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“If you don’t know Peelander-Z...I’m gonna kill you!” Part theatrical performance, part color-coordinated punk band, Peelander-Z is a primal experience, pushing the boundaries of madcap music in Jon Yi and Michael Haertlein’s MAD TIGER. Billed as a "Japanese Action Comic Punk band hailing from the Planet of Peelander", lead members Yellow and Red appear out of costume for the first time ever, exposing themselves as the two artists (or aliens), they truly are: vulnerable and eccentric immigrants scraping by in Brooklyn. Only, when Red decides to quit the band after fifteen years, their friendship and creative partnership is tested by life beyond the stage. A heartfelt portrait of artists torn apart and energetic introspection into the method of Peelander’s stage madness, MAD TIGER is a moving crescendo confronting the forces that bring us all together and ultimately, tear us apart.